Campaign Background


Many months past, the lands of Barovia, nestled away in a secluded valley, were terrorized by Count Strahd von Zarovich, a vampire lord, before a band of adventurers ventured through his cryptic castle and defeated him. A strange darkness began to consume the surface. Sunlight seemed to dim further with every passing day until, even at its peak, it was no brighter than moonlight. It was during this time that a band of heroes arose to fight the growing dark. They found themselves successful, though rumours began to spread that the heroes of Barovia, long denied their rightful rest, had descended below ground to combat an even greater threat. What followed was a desperate trek through the Underdark to defeat a drow necromancer, Irae Tsarran who had plans to extinguish all light in the world and set her people free of their subterranean home.

Dark rumours spread of a ferocious battle waged beneath the ground. The people of Barovia and the surrounding lands anxiously awaited news and some even attempted to follow in the heroes’ footsteps in order to determine their fate. Ashlyn Lightbringer, a holy paladin, was the last such person to venture below ground but no word has ever been sent back of her fate or that of the heroes.

After the darkness faded from the land, a new empire of light began to form, comprising of many villages and townships. Their goal was to provide mutual security and prosperity for all. A man of noble blood was selected to lead this newly created nation of Greywall. Lord Graydon Bates has proven to be both wise and generous, lending his considerable diplomatic skill to peacefully expand the nation by inviting neighbouring villages and townships to join in exchange for guaranteed protection and the establishment of prosperous trade routes.

The village of Winterhaven is one such community, having recently signed a treaty to join the fledgling realm of Greywall.

It is a uniquely prosperous time in recent memory and most people are taking full advantage of it. Merchants are making gold hand over fist while people spend their hard-earned money on luxuries they might never have been able to afford in the past.

It is here that the second chapter of the campaign began…

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This campaign was originally based heavily on several Adventure Books, including Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, City of the Spider Queen, and H1 – Keep on the Shadowfell.

The Days of Long Shadows

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